Where to buy a wedding dress in Santiago? Recommendations?

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Where to buy a wedding dress in Santiago? Recommendations?

Сообщение JosephGalvan » 16 май 2018, 19:20


I am going to Santiago next weekend and will be dress shopping for my wedding in June, here in Valdivia... the selection is very small here in Valdivia (basically Ripley and Falabella) and was wondering if anyone has recommendations of places / malls with good selections to look for dresses in Santiago..
I will be with my fiance and don't want to drag him around all of Santiago (nor do we have the time to do this) so I was hoping someone could direct me somewhere... We are just having a civil marriage now so I don't want a traditional wedding dress - maybe just a cocktail or bridesmaid dress - and something thats not tooo pricy - as I mentioned we are just having our marriage at the registro civil here and then later in the states we will have a ceremony with family and friends but not trying to break the bank or anything - plus no one will see me in it except for my fiance and our two witnesses!
Any ideas? Anything would help I don't go to Santiago much and only will be there for one day and would rather cut down my search instead of running around stressed out! I have searched online and only come across some expensive wedding boutiques..

Any help will be apprecited.

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