Xbox Series X / S reached good number of sales in Japan

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Xbox Series X / S reached good number of sales in Japan

Сообщение kakaroto » 18 окт 2021, 15:22

Really a market that is not friendly with the products they want to push, Microsoft does look difficult to market the Xbox name in the Japanese market since the previous generation. When a competitor's console is able to sell at a fairly high speed every week, it can only sell tens to hundreds of units. Lack of exclusive games? Brands that are difficult to feel familiar? The Xbox One was even sold with the "Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player" appendage instead of a gaming console in 2017. The good news? At least the latest generation shows a more promising development

In just one year since it was available in the Japanese market, the total sales of the Xbox Series X / S finally managed to break the 100,000 unit mark. Xbox Series X dominates at 64,000 units with Series S at around 38,000 units. Although the number is still far from the Nintendo Switch which managed to touch the number of 20 million units in Japan, with the Playstation 5 already at 1.2 million units, this is still a brilliant achievement for Microsoft. What's the article? Because for the same number – 100,000 units, the previous generation Xbox One console took about 4.5 years to reach it!

With this speed, it's only a matter of time before the total sales of the Xbox Series X/S subdue the total Xbox One, which has "stalled" at 115,000 units. Xbox itself is currently in charge of at least one developer from Japan - Tango Gameworks through its acquisition of Bethesda some time ago. Will the Xbox Series market expand significantly in Japan? Let's just wait.

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