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Laser Hair Removal - Is It Right For Your Teen? Health Articles | April 19 Alex Anzalone Color Rush Jersey , 2012
Laser hair removal can be the answer to your teens woes about excess hair. There are many pros and cons for the procedure and the wise parent or guardian will consider them all in this important decision.

We all know change is a part of growing up. Most changes are good but a teenager with unwanted hair in obvious places is not so good - especially in their eyes. This is the developmental time of their self esteem. Their confidence level can come crashing down as suddenly as it went up. We all remember how painful those growing stages are.

One of the most effective steps a teenager with unwanted hair can take to raise their confidence level to a new height is laser hair removal. There are numerous benefits to this procedure. If you've ever tried other methods, to reduce hair like waxing or shaving, you've probably discovered they can actually increase hair growth on a teenager whose body hasn't fully developed.

It's important to have the consent of a parent or guardian if the teen is under 18 years of age. Parental inclusion will also help the teen to understand the procedure and the after affects.

Laser hair removal is performed on the young in the same manner it is on adults. An intense pulsating light will destroy follicles wherever needed. It should be explained in detail to the teen which will enable her, as more females have hair removed than males, to know what to expect.

Possible side effects are:

The treated area will be red for a few days after treatment. It may not be a bad idea to wait until a special time like a school holiday or even the summertime to have it done.

Hair won't immediately disappear. It may even get thicker at first, which may alarm the teen, but then it will disappear.

There will probably be some swelling around the treated area which may last for several hours.

Several visits may be necessary for complete eradication. No more than four is the norm.

There are some negatives to allowing laser hair removal in teens:

It's very expensive to have repeat sessions performed since youthful hair is still growing to its maturity. The procedure may last up to six months but will most likely need to be retreated after that. Only those with a darker hair color are the best candidates. But don't rule anything out until you've spoken with your trained specialist in laser hair removal.

One last negative is tanning. Teens love to have a nice healthy-looking tan but this can pose a serious problem. The amount of stored melanin under the skin from the sun or a tanning bed can cause serious burning and even blisters if this procedure is performed.

Suffice it to say, it's entirely possible for a teenager to have this procedure safely and effectively done. And when it is, your confidence level will get a lift too because you will realize you've done what you could to help your teen have a more enjoyable life. The cost of that? Priceless.

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