China Cemented Carbide Tungsten Non-standard Components manu

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China Cemented Carbide Tungsten Non-standard Components manu

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Super Quality Cemented Carbide Non-standard Products for Steel and Custom Carbide Precision Parts and Non-standard Cemented Carbide Mould and Anti-corrosion Non-standard Parts
Product Name: Cemented Carbide Non-standard Products
Remark: Product specification can be made by customer’s request.
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Masses
Shaping Mode: Punching and processing mold after sintered
Product Material: cemented carbide
Tolerance: ≥±0.02mm
Precision: ≥±0.02mm
Size: According to your drawing
Surface treatment: Polishing
Packaging Details: In wooden case or iron case according to customer's requirement
Delivery Detail: In 15-20 days after your order
Material Grade:
Non-standard/customized tungsten carbide products are usually made from virgin raw material. Using different material grades, like K10 K20 K30 K40 YG6 YG6X YG8 YG10 YG10X YG15 YG20 YG20C YG25 YG25c YN6 YN8 YW1 YW2 YT5 and so on.
--100% raw materials
--HIP sintering
--Superior wear resistance
--High hardness and mechanical strength
--Good corrosion resistance
--High precision for tolerance
--Quality Control System and strict inspection.
--Feedback within 24 hours
--Flexibility of payment term
--Fast delivery
--Excellent after-sale service
Cemented Carbide Brand Recommended Table:
BrandPhysical and mechanical performanceRecommended application
(HRA)Bending strength (N/mm2)
K20-0814.55-14.8590.53000Application for processing of heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy, powerful milling of various cast irons and non ferrous metals.
K30-0814.60-14.9089.52800Application for making of all cemented carbide cutters, moulds and drilling tools.
K30-1513.90-14.2087.03000Application for stretching of steel bar and steel tank under high compression rate.
K40-1613.90-14.2084.02600Application for inlaying of stelidium drill bit, various roller bits and punching dies.
K40-2513.45-13.8582.52400Application for cold upsetting, cold punching, cold pressing dies for making of standard parts, bearings and tools etc.
K60-1814.35-14.6591.83100With good tenacity and high intensity, it is applicable for bamboo processing.
K60-0814.65-14.8591.03000Especially suitable for heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy.
K60-1513.90-14.1088.03150Applicable for cold upsetting, cold punching, cold pressing dies for making of standard parts, bearings and tools etc.
K60-18F14.35-14.6591.53100Applicable for cast iron, stainless steel, heat-resisting steels, heat-proof alloy and titanium alloy.
K60-12F14.15-14.4591.03200Applicable for cutting and machining cutters for horologe components, primary machining and semi-finish machining of various cast irons and nonferrous metals.

Should you're interested in the super quality cemented carbide non-standard products for steel and custom carbide precision parts and non-standard cemented carbide mould and anti-corrosion non-standard parts, welcome to contact our factory for the products in stock. As one of the professional manufacturers in China, we also offer you the customized service of the special product.China Cemented Carbide Tungsten Non-standard Components manufacturers
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