Fluoroplastic pump

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Fluoroplastic pump

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With the rapid development of industry, the problem of environmental pollution has become more and more important. Developed countries have long been aware of the environmental damage and accidents caused by neglecting leakage in the past high-speed development of the chemical industry. Therefore, legislation has long stipulated that all harmful media in plants must be transported by leak-free pumps, otherwise they must bear additional high environmental costs.Vacuum Pump

In recent two years, the frequent leakage of liquid chlorine and other chemical media, toxic gas pollution and even chemical plant explosion caused environmental damage, all make people realize the importance of safe production. How to reduce leakage has become a more and more important issue for enterprise production and even for government supervision and legislation.Molecular Pump

There are two kinds of leak-free pump, one is centrifugal pump, the other is magnetic pump. Although compared with Fluoroplastic pump, fluoroplastic centrifugal pump has the advantages of early history and low price, but fluoroplastic magnetic pump than fluoroplastic centrifugal pump is more simple to maintain, safe, and stable performance.vacuum valve

Advantages, nothing more than its corrosion resistance, fluoroplastics are extremely inert, there is no chemical medium can corrode it, general fluoroplastics pump corrosion resistance, strong acid, strong alkali is no problem. The only problem is that it doesn't withstand high temperatures, and PTFE, which is about 80 degrees, can't be used, and PTFE, which is more than 120 degrees soluble, can't be used.air cooled roots vacuum pump introduction
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