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Submitted 2016-07-05 07:27:00 Vintage car auctions. Your odds get better at these auctions that pop up around england and specialize is antique and vintage cars like Thunderbirds Cheap Brandon Scherff Jersey , along with the cars are often in top condition at these auctions, besides.

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A man has been detained for being derogatory toward Muslims for the comments he had made after a video was posted online that allegedly showed Muslim residents vandalizing a local restaurant in Baoding, North China's Hebei Province.

The non-halal restaurant was using chopsticks that had the Chinese characters for halal on them while also serving pork.

Police in Baoding's Baigou township said Sunday that the man, surnamed Chen, 27 Cheap Da'Ron Payne Jersey , will be detained for 15 days and fined 1,000 yuan ($145). He had made derogatory comments that likened Muslims to pigs.

Local officials said in a statement Sunday that the restaurant, Zaizai Music and Barbecue Bar, was using the "halal" chopsticks and had pork on the menu. The video posted online showed some people attacking the restaurant Cheap Ryan Kerrigan Jersey , and one person throwing a chair at the restaurant's window.

Some netizens posted photos of the chopsticks online and these were maliciously used by some people whose comments hurt the feelings of Muslims and incited conflicts between people from different ethnic groups. The photos and comments have led to aggressive behavior among some residents, the statement said.

The restaurant is non-halal and has been asked to suspend business for rectification. Officials did not say when the restaurant was attacked or if the perpetrators have also been detained.

Xiong Kunxin, a professor of ethnic studies at Beijing's Minzu University of China, pointed out that the incident showed the dangerous pan-halal tendency in China Cheap Jordan Reed Jersey , which has expanded the range of halal products and services over an absurdly wide region. These products include halal water, halal roads and halal toilets.

Xiong added that public products and services should not be differentiated in accordance with religion as long as they do not violate Islamic doctrines.

He gave the example of the Anhui University of Science and Technology, which set up shower facilities exclusively for Muslim students in September 2016.

Such extreme cases do nothing but separate different ethnic groups and will lead to more misunderstanding, Xiong noted.

The university later reversed the decision after encountering a flood of criticism online.

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