You'll need to devote your hard-earned VC to buy outfits

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You'll need to devote your hard-earned VC to buy outfits

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While clothes has no bearing on your character's attributes, it definitely makes you stick out amidst a sea of different players in NBA 2K19's Neighborhood and make you easily memorable when playing MyPark with NBA 2K19 MT Coins.To change shoes and clothes to your MyPlayer personality in NBA 2K19, just open the options menu when you are in the Neighborhood and open the MyPlayer player option.

From there, simply go to the Clothes section to change clothing, hats, caps, and other accessories. Take note that there are just two clothes segments, one for your look from the Neighborhood and another for the PRO-AM game mode, so you have to outfit your personality and change clothes accordingly for every.

As for altering in-game accessories for NBA games in MyCareer, this can only be performed inside the locker room.Your clothing and shoes choices are more restricted for official NBA matches, as you can only alter your arm sleeve, socks, shoes, and undershorts.If you're low on clothes options in NBA 2K19, just purchase your preferred outfits in the several stores inside the Neighborhood. Just like before, you'll need to devote your hard-earned VC to buy outfits.

While there are a number of things you can do to earn VC fast in NBA 2K19, you definitely want to think twice if you have to invest your money on cosmetic items or concentrate on updating your character's attributes.Make certain to change clothes for your player and see which outfit you may like best.

So, that reddit game discuss is basically how you are able to change clothes and shoes in NBA 2K19. If you're searching for more valuable resources to assist you dominate basketball matches, including tips and tricks to get MyCareer, it is possible to browse over to our ever-expanding wiki.
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