Burn fat more even with walking

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Burn fat more even with walking

Сообщение kakaroto » 04 июн 2021, 01:31

Walking is known as a simple exercise to maintain a healthy body. However, did you know that walking is also effective for weight loss?

In fact, walking is directly related to a decrease in body mass. Regular walking has a number of benefits for your body, including increasing stamina, burning calories, and improving heart health.

Experts recommend walking at least 150 minutes a week. It is even recommended to walk as much as 10,000 steps a day, or the equivalent of about six kilometers.

According to an expert from the University of Virginia, Arthur Weltman, PhD, doing a fast walking technique (power walking) is effective for reducing body weight. Of course, it must be balanced with a balanced nutritious diet.

To lose weight by walking, it takes a special technique called power walking. This means that the walk you do is different from what you usually do. The basic principle is that the faster you walk, the more calories you will burn.

In power walking, there are two known techniques, namely walking leisurely (strolling) and brisk walking (power walking).

However, of course these two techniques will show different results. A leisurely walk is done at your normal pace while walking. Walking with this technique for 1 hour can burn approximately 238 calories.

Meanwhile, to do power walking, you must increase your walking speed to 5 to 7 kilometers per hour. Power walking requires you to walk at a longer stride than usual.

During walking with this technique, use your heels as a support when setting your feet. Then move across the sole of the foot while moving forward. Make sure your back is straight as you walk and avoid lowering your head. The gaze should be focused forward and straight in the direction you will walk. As you walk, swing your arms to the rhythm of your feet. To increase the intensity of the exercise, you can hold your abdominal muscles while walking.

Unlike normal walking, power walking will result in more fat burning. Doing this exercise for 1 hour can burn up to 560 calories. But it should be noted, before doing this technique make it a habit to warm up first.

For best results, walk at least three times a week. Here's a calculation of calories burned if you do power walking.

After warming up, start with a leisurely 5 minute walk. Only then, slowly increase your speed until you reach the standard of a brisk walk. Do power walking for half an hour. Before ending your walking workout, cool down with a 5-minute brisk walk.

To burn more calories, increase the intensity of your walking. However, this takes a little longer.

Always start exercising with a leisurely 5 minute walk. Then continue with brisk walking for 5 minutes. Slightly reduce your walking speed to about 4 kilometers per hour, and maintain this pace for 1 minute. Then, go back to power walking for 5 minutes.

Repeat this rhythm up to six alternating times. After that, end with a cool down or a leisurely walk for 3 to 5 minutes.

Start your workout with a warm-up, which is a 5-minute walk. Continue to walk briskly for 2 minutes, then reduce the speed. Repeat this movement for fifteen times and always end your workout with a cool down.

Easy and cheap exercise like walking is fun. To get even more excited, bring your family, friends, or pets. And most importantly, do it regularly for maximum results. Or try Healthguideblog for something more challenging.
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